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Congratulations Larry Klein!

Member of City Council CITY OF SUNNYVALE seat 4

  1. Larry Klein 60%
  2. John Cordes 32%
  3. Stephen D. Williams 8%

Sunnyvale City Council 2016 Seat 4 (unexpired term) - Stephen D. Williams

Sunnyvale needs a leader who can identify and successfully advocate for innovative solutions to Sunnyvale’s unsolved chronic problems. I am working to solve these needs:

  1. Traffic congestion
  2. Lack of safe bike and pedestrian arteries
  3. Fragmented public transportation, parking and towing tension
  4. Available, stable, and affordable housing
  5. Lack of clarity and cohesive discussion in major city decisions
  6. Availability of entry-level jobs, stable support of the at-risk

These will increasingly affect a widening range of Sunnyvale residents as businesses expand and pressure builds. Existing strategies seem to have been sometimes unimaginative, shortsighted, anemic, and too much subject to whoever is exerting the most influence leading up to a decision. If elected, I would work diligently to address these by clarifying the problem, identifying innovative solutions, convincing others to collaborate, and pursuing all implementation details needed. presents the initial proposed solutions. This site will be the basis for ongoing community discussion and action.

Innovate Sunnyvale

Innovate Sunnyvale organizes innovative proposals, identifies candidates who support them, and facilities community discussion. At a high level, to goals are:

  • Identify gaps and unseen opportunities.
  • Develop innovative solutions.
  • Make it happen.

Key areas of attention:

  1. Transport: Fragmented public transportation, lack of safe bike and pedestrian arteries, traffic congestion, parking and towing conflicts.
  2. Livability: Available, stable, and affordable housing, availability of entry-level jobs, stable support of the at-risk, and community “vibrant spaces”.
  3. Open responsive government: Achieve much more clarity and currency in the city plans, projects, decisions, rationale & reasoning, influences, and expected and actual outcomes. Organize and address questions, concerns, ideas, and opportunities in a much more open, interactive way. Empower and listen to city personnel and all levels.