Stephen D. Williams - Innovator for City Council

Active innovator, grandfather, and technologist that lives to solve problems and make peoples’ lives better. Has over 30 years of professional experience finding and acting on the best solutions to hard problems without being limited by tradition or peer pressure. Widely read, traveled, and curious. A life-long learner, also has a Masters of Computer Science from American University in DC. A Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) since 2003, and a member of FBI’s Infragard.

As a founder, director, tech lead, consultant, and CTO to a wide range of companies and Federal agencies, has broad and deep experience working on hard problems in important, challenging environments while managing all types of people. Some examples include: connecting Bank of America to the Internet, creating Buddylist for AOL, completing GEICO’s first web quoting system, leading the US Treasury secure payment system, US DOJ PKI CA, DoD large project-in-trouble analysis team member for the Pentagon, running supercomputers at NASA Ames, and founder / CTO / lead at a number of startups. These all involved quickly getting up to speed in complex contexts, technologies, and goals, finding innovative and effective solutions, and implementing solutions while often hiring and training a team. As a member of city council, Stephen will be more than a rubber stamp and will dig much deeper to find and advocate for the right decisions.

Has several grandchildren, have volunteered at the VA, Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, and Big Brothers / Big Sisters, and works on solutions to close the achievement, economic, and wellbeing gaps for the challenged groups in society. Avidly run, bike, ebike, inline skate, hike, kayak on the Bay, frequently photographing wildlife, and is a private pilot and PADI dive certified.